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Maison Parenfant des Basses-Laurentides

Rooted in the community since 1991, Maison Parenfant des Basses-Laurentides is a family community organization located in Boisbriand. It is open to parents from all regions and their children under 12.


Our mission is to provide a favorable environment in which children and their parents can develop their fullest potential by :

  • supporting new parents and those with more experience
  • encouraging development of a healthy parent-child relationship
  • allowing parental respite to encourage physical and mental health of parents and also children
  • creating social occasions for mutual aid and friendship between families that continue in their neighborhood
  • helping advance the cause of families and their children by sitting on various committees and round tables

Maison Parenfant is a family community organization (organisme communautaire Famille - OCF). As such, we meet the eight criteria, convictions, and foundations of the independent family community action movement (action communautaire autonome famille - ACAF).

We also promote :
Maison Parenfant des Basses-Laurentides


Maison Parenfant is:Maison Parenfant des Basses-Laurentides

Maison Parenfant des Basses-Laurentides

Our Team

Families who come to Maison Parenfant can count on a competent and dynamic team.

All employees have the well-being of children and their parents at heart.

Maison Parenfant des Basses-Laurentides
Board of Directors
  • Mariama Baldé
  • Claude Cardinal
  • Emma Damitio
  • Eliakim Lessard
  • Eric Marcoux
  • Sylvie Martel
  • Dominique Vassart
  • Catherine Blanchard, general manager BAA
  • Mélissa Séguin, finances DEP comptabilité
  • Anne-Marie Lozier, communications M.Mus
Drop-in Daycare
  • Naderge Cimeus TEE
  • Vanessa Roy Ed.
  • Fanny Viziau TEE (maternity leave)
  • Hélène Bergeron TEE
  • Paulette Goyer TEE-TES
  • Marie-Soleil Bergevin TES (maternity leave)
Weekend Respites
  • Paulette Goyer TEE-TES
  • Marie-Ève Blais TEE
  • Maena Gariépy Ed.
  • Josée Goulet TEE
  • Julie Rose Legendre-Charbonneau TS
  • Fausta Lucas TEE-B.psyEd
  • Michèle Paquette Ed.
  • Aimy Pellerin TES
  • Christel Seveno TEE


You can submit your CV at any time.

2023-2024 Activity Report

In order to discover the extent of Maison Parenfant’s impact, we invite you to read our 2023-2024 Activity Report.
(The Activity Report is only available in French.)