Maison Parenfant

Rooted in the community since 1991, Maison Parenfant des Basses-Laurentides is a family resource centre located at the intersection of the cities of Rosemère, Boisbriand, and Sainte-Thérèse. It is open to all parents and their children aged 0 to 12.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a favourable environment to the individual, collective, and community development of parents and children.

We wish to:

  • foster friendship between children
  • encourage the development of parent-child relationship
  • allow parental respite
  • facilitate exchanges and creation of social ties between families

Our Values

Maison Parenfant shares values of the community movement, namely solidarity, mutual aid, autonomy, and respect for everyone.

Maison Parenfant des Basses-Laurentides

Maison Parenfant Team

Families who come to Maison Parenfant can count on a competent and dynamic team.

All employees have the well-being of children and their parents at heart.

Maison Parenfant des Basses-Laurentides
Board of Directors
  • Isabelle Boudreau, president
  • Audrey L’espérance, vice-president
  • Pierre Chaussé, secretary
  • France Beaudry, treasurer
  • Noëlle Barrier, administrator
  • Normand Ouellette, administrator
  • Administrator (vacancy)
  • Catherine Blanchard, general director
  • Joanne Rochon, finances
  • Paulette Goyer, operations
  • Anne-Marie Lozier, communications
  • Karine Boudreau
  • Paulette Goyer
  • Anne-Marie Lozier
  • Fanny Viziau
Drop-in Daycare
  • Fanny Viziau
  • Vanessa Roy
Weekend Stays
  • Sarah Bélanger
  • Marie-Ève Blais
  • Véronique Lemieux
  • Fausta Lucas
  • Michèle Paquette
  • Aimy Pellerin
  • Diane Potvin
  • Christel Seveno

Are you interested in a job or an internship at Maison Parenfant?

We have two positions to fill!

Specialized Educator

Interested by internship or volunteer work?
Contact us for more information because you are always welcome!

2019-2020 Activity Report

In order to discover the extent of Maison Parenfant’s impact,
we invite you to read our 2019-2020 Activity Report.
(The Activity Report is only available in French.)