Our Services

Whether it is to discover the joys of parent-child play, to enjoy a moment of respite, or to simply have a good time with your family and meet new people, Maison Parenfant offers several activities and services.

To have access to these services and take part in our activities, you must become a member. This can be done for only 10$ per family.

Our services are grouped into three categories.


We offer on our Facebook page daily activities to do with your children.

COVID: Wearing a mask is mandatory for people 10 years and older inside Maison Parenfant.

  • Workshops

    The workshops, which are spread over several weeks, allow the development of parents and of children.
  • Respites

    Respite services provide a break for both parents and children.
  • Social Activities

    Social activities, whether occasional or weekly, allow meeting and socializing with other members of the extended Parenfant family.

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