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Our free workshops are a friendly way to educate parents and to support the overall development of children.

While you discover the joys of parent-child play, your child will enjoy special moments with you while developing his creativity, autonomy, and self-confidence.

Our workshops, which target both dads and moms, are opportunities for meetings, learning, and great fun!

Since our workshops are only offered in French, they are a great way to learn the language in a welcoming environment.

Maison Parenfant des Basses-Laurentides


our services : Délima

With your baby, come and explore play, stimulation, care, diet, and all that is related to your child's overall development.

This quality moment spent with baby will allow you to strengthen your bond with him/her. The workshop is also an opportunity for you to share, to listen, and to bond with other parents.

To properly target the different stages of child development, this workshop is offered in three groups:
- 0-6 months (DÉLIMA 0-6)
- 6-12 months (DÉLIMA 6-12)
- 12-18 months (DÉLIMA 12-18).

These series of weekly workshops last 10 weeks.

free drop-in daycare available

ABC cuisine

our services : ABC cuisine

Give yourself a break for cooking and chatting with other parents.

In this cooking workshop, come and explore a different food group each week by cooking simple, quick, inexpensive, and balanced recipes that will appeal to your children.

This is the perfect opportunity to deepen your cooking knowledge and your independence in the kitchen!

This series of weekly workshops lasts 7 weeks.

free drop-in daycare available

Bedon rond

our services : Bedon rond

Your 4 to 5 year old child will have a lot of fun cooking simple and tasty recipes on their own, while learning the rules of kitchen hygiene and safety.

You will have a lot of fun sharing these beautiful moments, where you can see your child develop his confidence and self-esteem, in addition to acquiring healthy eating habits, knowledge, and an interest in cooking.

The little chefs will proudly leave each week with a dish they prepared themselves!

This series of weekly workshops lasts 5 weeks.

free drop-in daycare available

Sac à dos

our services : Sac à dos

This two-component workshop help parents and their children aged 4 to 5 to get ready for their first back-to-school experience.

Parent Component
Come discover and discuss various subjects, taboos, fears, and questions about this important transition in your child's life. You will then be better informed and well equipped to support him/her in this new chapter of his/her life.

Child Component
This component aims to develop social skills, acquire routines and healthy lifestyle habits, as well as to boost your child's self-confidence. He will then be better prepared to experience this transition and to face the many challenges that school life can present. Several games and activities with different themes will be proposed during the workshops.

This series of weekly workshops lasts 10 weeks.

free drop-in daycare available

Espace Parents

our services : Espace Parents

This workshop is for all immigrant parents living in the Lower Laurentians, regardless of the length of time they have lived in Quebec.

It is a space for exchange and information for parents who wish to reflect on their parenting, the challenges of being a parent in an immigrant context and the expectations of Quebec society towards parents.

Co-animated with ABL Immigration, these workshops are an opportunity for parents to share their experience and to be inspired by the experience of other participants.

This series of weekly workshops lasts 9 weeks.

free drop-in daycare available for Maison Parenfant members

ABL Immigration


our services : Roche-papier-ciseau
This parent-child workshop targets children aged 2 to 5, with the aim of stimulating their global development.

It is a place of learning that helps develop 4 axes of attachment in both parent and child:
- sensitivity
- closeness
- reciprocity
- commitment

co-hosted with  CISSS des Laurentides

This series of weekly workshops lasts 10 weeks.

free drop-in daycare available

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